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Reviv: The Cooling, Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket

$1,898,197 CAD raised

RattanXL: Over 100 Miles on Most Affordable E-Bike

$858,958 CAD raised

Titan, Unihertz Rugged QWERTY Smartphone

$1,098,056 CAD raised

Full-service, data-driven e-commerce Partner

Marketing Strategy

You have the BEST product in the world. Great. But that's only 40% of the battle. 

Your artwork, messaging, targeting, brand-story, buyer-journey, marketing channels and so many other things are ALL CRITICAL for a successful campaign. 

Leave the assumptions and make data-backed decisions that delivers better results time after time.

Facebook ads

Over a billion people use Facebook and they get served, on average, over 42 ads per day (source: hubspot).

Anyone can run a Facebook ad. In fact, it's never been EASIER to put yourself out there in front of millions of people but it's never been HARDER to get the user's attention.

This is where our expertise lies - generating Facebook ads that deliver sales.

Brand Story

Science has shown that we humans are 20x more likely to remember a story than an ad. 

How do you get the right story out? How do develop an emotional connection with your prospective buyers? How do you convert leads into sales? 

If these are your concerns, we can help!

Social Media Influencers

We partner with well-known social media influencers whose audiences are engaged, passionate and ready to act.

We know the influencer, blogger and vlogger market inside out and we use AI to analyse your campaign analytics and connect you with the perfect influencers who deliver exceptional results.

Crowdfunding PR

We work with various publications and magazines to bring your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign in front of the right audience.

We don’t do generic, news-blast to each & every contact we have. Instead, we use data to identify the ideal partners for your product so that you can generate the best value that delivers long-term returns.

Product Design & Development

Got an idea but don't know how to materialise it? We can help!

Over the years we have developed relationships with Electronics Engineers, Mobile App developers, Content Writers, Design Engineers & many more. 

No matter what your requirement is, we can help!

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