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eCommerce Marketing Packages

A good digital marketer costs $100,000 a year. Why hire full-time staff for part-time work? We offer monthly-retainer pricing models as well as custom marketing and advertising packages that give you access to professional marketers, graphic designers, business consultants and more at half the price. Realize your growing potential by adding GrowthTurbine to your team.

Note: All e-Commerce marketing packages require a 3 months minimum commitment. Prices are in USD. 

Starter Package
+7% of sales that we generate/month

Targeted social media ads setup and management on Facebook and instagram

Professional Artwork creation for all ads

Biweekly report

Growth Package
+7% of sales that we generate/month

Website optimization to improve conversions

Targeted social media ads setup and management on Facebook and Instagram  

Professional artwork creation for all ads

Website updates to improve search engine rankings (SEO)

1 x SEO optimized hand-written article and publication in a DA30+ niche domain 

Analytics and bi-weekly reporting

Expansion Package
+7% of sales that we generate/month

Email-Marketing automation and Lead Nurturing to improve conversions

Ongoing website optimization to improve conversions

Targeted Social media ads setup and management

Google search and display ads, shopping ads (where applicable), setup and ongoing optimization 

Influencer outreach on Instagram, TikTok, and/or Youtube 

Internal SEO and website structure updates

2 x search-engine-optimized, hand-written blogs/article per month including publication in a DA30+ website with a do-follow link

Full analytics and reporting 

Custom Solutions

Custom pricing

At this level, you are seeking hyper-growth strategies that include high volume marketing content that differentiates you from the competition.

The Growth Turbine team will establish your business as a thought leader,  researching new marketing channels, exploiting existing channels, and expanding your rapidly growing business with a team that is dedicated to your success.

What we do differently?

Marketing Strategy

We are a data company. We know from our experience that No two products/campaigns are same and therefore we do a lot of testing to figure out EXACTLY what will work for your brand and Your product. 

Ads Management

Which ads platform to use? Who is your ideal customer? What messaging leads to the best conversions? All these are valid and important questions and let us figure them out for you so you can get the best ROI. 

Influencer & PR outreach

We help you get the right product in front of the right people at the right time.

How? Using our proprietary AI based methodology that matches your product to the ideal partner.

Image & Video Production

A video is an expensive asset. How are you 100% confident that that your vision of video will sell? Leave the assumptions and let data make decisions for you. 

e-Commerce Case Studies

FiltroLife is a division of ProgressLuv2Pak, a 100+ year old company.

Work done:

✓ Website design & development

✓ Go-to-market strategy using market validation test

✓ Conversion optimisation using data analytics, heatmap and other methods.

Media buying and e-commerce marketing

✓ Website optimisation for improving conversions


Biological Carbon Capture Labs (BCCL) is an Atlanta, Georgia based social entreprise using their proprietary technology to fight against Climate change.

Work done:

✓ Brand consulting and data-analysis based Go-to-market strategy

✓ Website design & development

✓ Email automation setup and optimisation

✓ Conversion optimisation using data analytics, heatmap analysis etc.

✓ Media buying and e-commerce marketing

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