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Market Validation Test

Use data to analyse what brand strategy works best for your product, what messaging optimises the customer's engagement, exactly what's the optimum retail pricing and precisely know your target customer. Better test than spend $$$'s with no results.

Market Validation Test
Leave out the assumptions
+ $1000 in ad spend

Takes 3-4 weeks for completion 

Test everything from brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, pricing strategy, brand positioning and more 

Multiple Landing page creation (1 or 2-page website)

Over 50 different ads across various channels to test out everything

Audience Validation to find who exactly is your ideal buyer 

Price Validation to make sure you are not under-selling your product 

Product Viability Test to test if there's any market for your product or not

Branding Strategy test to make sure you are sending out the right messaging 

Marketing strategy optimization 

Weekly reports and full data-driven analytics 

Why do Market Validation Test?

We, too, hate recurring payments. You will pay only once, but you will be sure to receive the most comprehensive service on the market.

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